Okno drewniane

Our windows are the embodiment of quality woodwork. Choose from a premium selection of wood (pine, shorea, larch) in a multitude of colors. Safe glass panes and anti-burglary fittings will help keep your house truly safe. You can also choose from a variety of ornamental glass panes or exquisite stained glass designs. Our windows come with top quality Designo fittings, great for all sorts of applications. We provide full assistance and expert support at every stage of the project. We carry the following types of wooden windows:

- IV 68 mm Standardline - insulated glass panes with heat transfer coefficient Ug = 1.1, argon filled

- IV 78 mm Energoline - insulated glass panes with heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.7, argon filled

- IV 92 mm Passiveline - insulated glass panes with heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.5, argon filled

- Retro

Timeless elegance is a never-ending source of inspiration. Each wooden window can be made in the classic Retro style, with a wooden drip and ornaments, as per the investor's, designer's or historical monument conservator's requirements. The Retro windows by HALUPCZOK-STOLARSTWO sand out with eye-catching details. To better customize your windows to match the design of your house, go for ROTO solutions - this is the best way to see what technologies we use and the best way to select the very best wooden windows to satisfy your needs.


Przekrój profilu okna  Standardline 68mm - miniPrzekrój profilu okna  Energoline 78mm - miniPrzekrój profilu okna  Passivline 92mm - mini
Window profile cross section
Standardline 68mm
Window profile cross section
Energoline 78mm
Window profile cross section
Passivline 92mm